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Masseurs / Jamel


Location: Almere e.o.

My name is Jamel, living in Almere and I am a friendly, social masseur who likes to give massages. In the hectic pace of everyday life, it is nice to let the clients I massage experience physical and mental peace. I am happy to give the following treatments to the recipient who leaves the table with a total Zen feeling. The body feels wonderfully relaxed after a massage. Allow yourself such a moment of rest.

At a young age I have been working in sports / soccer as a trainer, where I came into contact with the treatment / massages of athletes. Working as a trainer, my curiosity and interest in this beautiful profession grew and I finally started taking massage courses.

My Relaxation Massage:
Massage technique to release accumulated tensions
Every day, everyone builds up a lot of tension in body and mind. These tensions can eventually lead to physical and mental complaints. A traditional relaxation massage with the basis for this is an ideal preventive treatment. Relaxation is one of our essential necessities to live healthily and happily.

My sports massage:
This massage form can have both a preventative, a healing and a relaxing effect. It is a solid massage form that works on the deeper muscle layers. Muscles that are used intensively need good maintenance. This not only applies to athletes, but also to people with, for example, a job in which they perform heavy physical work. People who suffer from tensions, tension headaches and stress also benefit from sports massage. Although sports massage can be seen as a “maintenance” for the muscles, the massage continues to work on many more levels. The massage leads to an overall improvement of the physical and mental condition of the recipient. Sports massage can be used for different purposes.

My Hotstone massage:
Is a relaxing body massage where I use warm basalt stones to create a therapeutic effect on body and mind. A Hotstone massage results in a soothing and deeply relaxing effect on muscles, body and mind. The result is unmistakable: the skin is extremely soft, the mind is relaxed, blood circulation is improved and the tension in the muscles is reduced.

My Hot & Coldstones massage:
The Hot and Coldstone massage uses alternating hot and cold stones. The warm stones cause blood and capillaries to dilate, improve blood circulation and waste products are better removed from the body. This in combination with cold stones ensures that the blood vessels will constrict again. The alternation of hot and cold provides a deep relaxation of body and mind. Is very suitable for people with tired legs, muscle aches, back and neck complaints, poor circulation, fatigue, headache complaints.

My combi massage:
Relaxation / sports massage combined, where necessary I go deeper into the muscles to achieve the best relaxation result.

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  • Ayurvedische massage
  • Cold stone massage
  • Cupping massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Lomi lomi massage
  • Ontspanningsmassage
  • Senioren massage
  • Sportmassage
  • Stoelmassage
  • Triggerpoint massage
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