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Masseurs / Linda



My name is Linda. Together with my husband I live with great pleasure on a houseboat in Terwijde, Utrecht. Thanks to my Indian grandmother and mother, massage is part of my daily life.

I am HBO trained holistic massage therapist. That means I look at you as a whole person. You have to do a lot in your everyday life. With my massages I invite you to meet. A moment to move from thinking in your head to feeling in your body.

Receiving a massage is not age-related. During my training I learned different massage techniques that are applicable to everyone. In seniors, massage can help relieve pain and stiff muscles. It also helps keep the skin as beautiful as possible. A massage during pregnancy is a blessing for mother and child. In principle, you can have a massage until delivery, provided there are no complications. Massage also has a relaxing effect for children. In this day and age they also “have to” a lot. This often makes them tired and overstimulated. A simple touch is enough to give a feeling of peace.

Another specialization of mine is massage for cancer. I approach you with my massage as a person and not as a sick person. Not a medical touch, but loving attention, warmth and contact that help you stay in touch with your environment, but especially with yourself.

Massage soothes and reduces stress.

The way of touching, touching and being touched ensures that my massages are experienced as special.

For a massage at home in Utrecht and surroundings you can book me via the link below or via the homepage of

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  • Fibromyalgie massage
  • Holistic pulsing
  • Holistische massage
  • Kindermassage
  • Klankschalen Massage
  • Klassieke massage
  • Massage bij ADHD
  • Massage bij Reuma
  • Massage bij stress en burn-out
  • Ontspanningsmassage
  • Senioren massage
  • Therapeutische massage
  • Voetreflex massage
  • Zwangerschapsmassage