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Masseurs / Magda


Location: Amsterdam

Hi, my name is Magda,

I prefer working with people who (want to) feel free in their body.

I once started as an art teacher in secondary school and now I do that through painting workshops and massage. Because I like variety, in addition to my massage practice in Old West, I also choose to massage on location in the Amsterdam area.

The combination of bodywork, philosophy and playfulness are woven into my entire life and I shape my massages. Outside of that, I enjoy the experience of nature in the city or in the middle of nowhere. Enjoying my dinner in a rowing boat while the coots swim around the boat or watching the swallows skim through the air and promptly forget to eat because of the admiration. You can also meet me while singing on my bike, enjoying the dynamics of the city.
Whether I come for a gentle massage or something more firm, my focus is on letting go of the maelstrom or the tension of the day to move more freely throughout the body.

For chair massages I can be booked by email or via the chair massage request form.

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