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Masseurs / Jade


Location: Amersfoort e.o.

I am Jade, a friendly, social and experienced physiotherapist who likes to give sports massages. I am also a calm and enthusiastic rider, an adventurous backpacker and festival enthusiast, but above all a creative, sporty and inquisitive entrepreneur. I treat many athletes with physical complaints and / or tension complaints, where I like to ensure faster recovery, more relaxation, balance and energy. I want you to experience that a sports massage promotes recovery and contributes to maintaining optimal exercise, so that you can exercise injury-free and participate in daily life in a relaxed manner.

Why do I like to give sports massages? While I was working abroad, I discovered how nice sports massages are to give and while traveling, how wonderful and effective it can be for your own body. By using different techniques such as fascia and trigger point therapy, I always try to find a good mix between “effective & relaxing”. This gives me the opportunity to the various massage techniques to support you both preventively and during rehabilitation.

If I come to you, your company or event, I will come together with the “Physiotherapy / massage bus”. This allows me to take care of the treatments in a comfortable environment both inside the location and outside on your site. The physical therapy bus is my mobile practice for physical therapy and sports massages, with extra attention to the fitness of people. This is used as innovative, self-sufficient and sustainable as possible. For me, the car is the ultimate adventure in which I can combine my passions: work, travel and sport. I offer physiotherapy, sports massages and physiotherapy support to sports teams, including multi-day (sporting) events. This made my wish to continue to execute my profession enthusiastically with an original and creative approach.

For individual sports massages you will mainly come across me in the Amersfoort en Amsterdam region, where I just come to my house. If you want to book more than 4 hours in one location, I am certainly prepared to travel further. For larger multi-day (sports massage) assignments at companies, events or festivals in one location, lasting more than 4 hours per day. can do it throughout the country and even in Europe!

Do you know athletes, companies and / or events that could benefit from this? Or do you need this yourself? Do you want this too? Then contact us for the possibilities with Masseur aan de deur.

Not available from December 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023

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  • Bindweefselmassage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Fasciatherapie
  • Fysiotherapie
  • Medical taping
  • Mulligan Therapie
  • Ontspanningsmassage
  • Sportmassage
  • Triggerpoint massage
  • Zwangerschapsmassage