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Corporate massage or Event massage

Masseur aan de deur now has 17 years of experience in providing chair massages.
Our chair massage is given on a special ergonomic massage chair. During the chair massage the masseur will give pressure with the hands (or elbows) on the head, neck, back, arms and shoulders.The massage relaxes the muscles and joints and helps release stress and fatigue. The chair massage is a perfect way to keep employees healthy and fit.

Our experienced and skilled masseurs can help your staff to reduce tension and are happy to contribute to a healthy, productive and fit working environment.
The massages are not only relaxing, but also aimed at relieving complaints.

Therefor invite Masseur aan de deur in your office or elsewhere on location!

See our 3 chair massage options below

Only for parties and events.
Minimum purchase: 4 hours
Duration: 15 minutes per person
Price: from €61,99 per masseur, per our.

(Periodic) chair massages.
Minimum purchase: 3 hours
Duration: 20 minutes p.p.
Price: from €61,99 per masseur, per our.

Achieve the highest results to keep your employees healthy and fit.
Minimum purchase 3 hours
Duration: 30 min p.p.
Price: from €61,99 per masseur, per our.

Our prices include travel costs, materials and ex VAT.

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