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What does the massage therapist carry with him?

A massage table, towels, oils, massage cushions (and music).

How do I hand in my voucher

Our Digital Giftcard has a unique code that you can enter on the payment page of our website. The Massage Gift value is automatically deducted from the total amount payable.

Is it possible to pay afterwords?

No, not for individuals. Everybody pays after the booking proces online. For companies it is possible to pay via invoice.

How can I get in touch with the masseur?

The masseur's phone number is included in the confirmation email.

How can I change my booking?

You can arrange your changes or cancelations in your profile page up to 24 hrs before the booking.

Are The massage therapists all licensed?

yes, and they all are evaluated by a panel of professionals. We invite the masseurs to massage us. We as masseurs ourselves know what to look for. Therefore there are only qualified masseurs on our website.

Can I get a massage 30 minute massage?

The minimum time for our massage sessions is 60 minutes.

Do I have to create an account in order to make a reservation?

No that is not necessary, but it is convenient. You can see your bookings, previous bookings, change, cancel and easily book again.

Is it possible to book for more than 4 people (240 minutes)?

Ofcourse, Please send us an email with your request to

How do choose the most suitable massage for me?

You can specify which type of massage you want, but it's not necessarily. All our masseurs have multiple specializations and can use different techniques within a one massage.

Until when can I book a massage?

You can book online up to 3 hours before the massage and 6 weeks ahead.

The time I just had reserved is no longer available

Our system keeps your reservation 30 min to complete your payment. You can find it in your cart. If the payment is not completed the timeslot will show again after 30 min.

Can I place multiple reservations?

Yes, you can find every massage appointment in your shopping cart, so when you made multiple bookings you can check them out at once.

How do I book for more persons

You may choose the button 120 min, 180 min or 240 minutes

My zip code is not listed

Please send us an app or email with your postal code and city, so we try to find a masseur from another region.

Which corona measures have been taken?

Some customers may have concerns. That is why we would like to clarify the measures we have taken. The masseurs wear masks, disinfect their hands before and immediately after the massage. We are wearing a mouth cap again. We do not shake hands upon entering. We disinfect the massage tables. If the masseur, or the customer, show symptoms, the massage will not be able to continue.
We encourage you to discuss any questions about this with the masseur as openly as possible. Our masseurs fully understand this.
We hope that you can continue to book your massages with us without any worries. All the more because we believe that a massage can provide a vital boost to a healthy immune system.

Is it possible to book a duo massage?

Multiple masseurs can be booked online at the same time, provided that masseurs are available at the same time. You can book one masseur first, then the other. Both massages can be paid at the same time.

How can I save for a discount?

If you have created an account, you will automatically save with us for a discount. You will automatically receive our discount when you have received 9 massages. You will receive a 20% discount with the next booked appointment.
You can find the accumulated points in the dashboard of your account.

Can you continue to work during lockdowns?

Some of us give complaint-oriented / medical / therapeutic massages, which fall under the WKKGZ law and may continue to massage during lockdowns