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Masseurs / Claudia


Location: Amsterdam

Masseur aan de Deur,  is my initiative, Claudia Slabbekoorn. I grew up in picturesque Bergen, but nowadays I enjoy living in Amsterdam. At the age of 25 I studied physiotherapy and discovered the power of massage.
I fell in love with the profession and specialized in multiple massage forms.

After learning all the anatomical and physiological knowledge, I also started to study other massage techniques. For example, I made a wonderful journey with my teacher Holistic massage therapy. Where we stayed among the Indians of the Andes mountains in Ecuador and we were taught by a shaman. I also traveled once to Thailand, to master the traditional Thai massage and right now I’m studying energetic surgery.
All our masseurs are very passionate and still follow course after course, out of passion for the profession. That is why our masseurs have multiple massage specializations and we can also apply multiple techniques within 1 massage. For example, we can delve deeper into blockages in the back, with a trigger point massage, we massage the calves using sport massage techniques, and we apply connective tissue massage for cellulites, wrinkles or other adhesions. There are so many different massage techniques, but I believe they can all achieve the same.
I really wanted to create a network where it is possible to connect clients with good masseurs. And I think that’s already worked out well. In our Team we have spiritual masseurs, but also physiotherapists and massage therapists, who also master Traditional Chinese medicine. I am currently doing the 3 year energy surgery course.
I noticed the trend of massages at home or somewhere else at an early age. We also provide company massages, we massage at Events and we are engaged by large hotel chains to provide their massages. In the meantime, Masseur aan de deur has grown to a large national network. Since 2006, Masseur aan de Deur has served many satisfied customers.
I myself very much believe in making it a little easier for our customers by coming to peoples houses. In our current society time is luxury. People like their own surroundings, sometimes put on their own music, do not have to arrange a babysitter, have no travel time, it is not necessary to find a parking space, do not cycle back and forth in windy and bad weather, we do that 😉 and can relax after their massage in their own environment.
Working on location gives me a huge sense of freedom. I ride my electric bicycle, with the massage table on the back, throughout Amsterdam.

We can have very different customers in one day. From a terminal patient, a student who has been working on his thesis for weeks, a woman who has just given birth, a surgeon with nek problems, an actor who went through his back on the set, to people with all kinds of stress-related complaints. Fortunately there are also many people who realize that it is very wise to relax deeper after so much effort. I am touched by the many stories and the deeper connections that arise between customers and masseurs.
Because we always go from place to place, we also have time to process the massages, get a sandwich at my favorite sandwich shop, buy cheese at a market that I happen to pass by, or just enjoy all the beautiful things we come across en route.

I cannot currently be booked online, for special requests you can email

  • Anti Hoofdpijnmassage
  • Anticellulitis Massage
  • Bindweefselmassage
  • Cosmetische Bindweefselmassage
  • Cupping massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Energetische massage
  • healing massage
  • Holistic pulsing
  • Holistische massage
  • Intuïtieve ontspanningsmassage
  • Kindermassage
  • Klacht gerichte massage
  • Klassieke massage
  • Lomi lomi massage
  • pitjit massage
  • Reiki
  • Sportmassage
  • Stoelmassage
  • Triggerpoint massage
  • Zwangerschapsmassage