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Masseurs / Melissa


Location: Rotterdam e.o.

Massaging people is automatic because I like to give them a nice experience of deep relaxation in this already hectic society. The human body is a special temple where everything is connected.

During my massage I play soothing music if desired and I try to create space and relaxation between the bones and muscles. The head is one of the most important parts of the body.

We humans often identify ourselves with our mind and most of the stress comes from the head which turns everything back on to our body. That is why I also massage the head and my hands find the further way to blockages in a natural way. A massage with Melissa is a special experience where I take you to another planet.

I am specialised in solving knots and blockages in your body. During the massage I use a firm grip or a soft grip, which differs per body.

My goal is that after the massage you have an empty head and a relaxed body. I usually call it back to how you came into this world.

Boek mij
  • Anti Hoofdpijnmassage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Drukpuntmassage
  • fysiomassage
  • Gezichts en hoofdhuidmassage
  • Holistische massage
  • Hoofdpijn massage
  • Intu├»tieve ontspanningsmassage
  • Klassieke massage
  • migraine massage
  • Ontspanningsmassage
  • Rebalancing
  • Sportmassage
  • Stoelmassage
  • Stress release massage
  • Therapeutische massage
  • Triggerpoint massage
  • Wellness massage
  • Zwangerschapsmassage