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Our Sports massage is a powerful massage. Fortunately sports are very popular in the Netherlands, both in the gym as in sports clubs.
With a sports massage the primary goal is to keep the muscle warm and smooth. Our sports massage can be given both before and after exercise. For sports the massage provides a good circulation in the muscles, allowing you to perform better. The sports massage after exercise floats fluid and toxins from the muscles and makes the muscles supple again. The sports massage will improve your physical fitness significantly, and it will take away the potential adverse effects of exercise, such as muscle aches.
Our Sports massage is also recommended for non-athletes.

It also helps for: 

  • A stiff neck
  • Pain or cramps
  • Relaxation
  • Be able to recover faster after a sports injury
  • First aid for sport accidents
  • Fatigue Symptoms of physical and / or mental effort
  • hypertension
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