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Masseurs / Anouk


Location: Amsterdam

Hello, My name is Anouk, 38 years old and I live and give chair massages in Amsterdam.

Due to a fairly long period of recovery from an injury to my hip, I have become much more sensitive in my body. I was forced to start feeling again, to understand my own body again and this opened up a whole new world for me! I became very interested in learning about the human body and specifically interested in how prolonged muscle tension changes our posture and how to relax this tension again. In 2013/2014 I followed an MBO course in classical massage where I learned in theory about the anatomy and physiology of the body in addition to practice. Super interesting courses where especially anatomy has given me a lot of insight into the physical structure of the body.

My injury has worked out well and although it has hurt me a lot, it has ultimately taught me an important life lesson: When we are really present in our body, out of mind and in the feeling, then our body has an unimaginable maintain self-healing ability. Besides that massages are tasty and healthy, a massage can also be a means to create more body awareness, to learn to be more present in the body. In my massages I try to find your tension patterns and in collaboration with you (for example I sometimes ask you to breathe into the tension or really feel the tension) to soften this tension. I have noticed that my hands now understand much more about the body than I can explain with words. That is why I like to work intuitively and combine different techniques. I have learned the massage techniques below, but at the moment I only give chair massages in Amsterdam.

Intuitive relaxation massage (also in the firmer version)
Deep Tissue / Strong muscle
Thai Yoga
Pregnancy Massage
detox massage
Reiki and energetic massage
Sports massage
chair massage

For a chair massage on location in Amsterdam you can book me via email or a chairmassage  request

I’d love to visit you!

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