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Masseurs / Chi Chi

Chi Chi

Location: Tilburg e.o.

Hi, my name is Chi Chi, 33 years old and I have been active as a certified masseur since 2017.

I believe that massage is one of the oldest techniques for healing the body through touch. After experiencing a period of illness in my life, I know better than anyone how important it is to reconnect with your body. I think receiving a massage can be a very powerful tool in this.

Over the years I have followed various massage courses and have developed my own style.
I explore through touch what the body needs most right now.
My vision is holistic and energetic, but I will also certainly look for knots and tight muscles in the body to massage them well. In addition, there is also room for the necessary relaxation in my massages. I therefore call my massages intuitive relaxation massages.

Over the years I have massaged a lot at festivals in both the Netherlands and abroad and I massaged in my studio in Tilburg. In addition to massaging, I have my own company in natural soap and shampoo, which means that I have a lot of knowledge in the field of natural and essential oils. I therefore only massage with 100% natural oil.

Would you like to establish a nice, relaxed connection with your body? Do you suffer from stiff muscles or knots? Or do you just want to relax completely? Then book my massage in Tilburg or Eindhoven via Masseur at the door.
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