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Masseurs / Erica


Location: Nieuw Ballinge

Hello! My name is Erica. I am an enthusiastic, energetic lady with a lot of life experience. My background is in business vitality. With my own company I provide workshops and training on 9 vital themes and I help organizations set up and implement a vitality plan for their employees.

In 2016 I moved from Scheveningen to the outskirts of Nieuw Balinge, a small town in Drenthe, and I have no regrets about it to this day. We live in a beautiful place on the Mantingerzand with lots of space and greenery.

I very much believe in the connection between physical and mental and I see chair massage also as a way to connect these two things. People sit on the chair to talk and share. I think that is a very nice extra and I am happy to offer a listening ear or a mirror. Chair massage is also a quality time moment for yourself and I wish that for everyone!

I am currently training to become a walking coach and here too these two worlds come together: being in motion and also recovering mentally. Moreover, walking does not feel like coaching and nature opens up a conversation very easily. I hope to meet you in my chair one day. Take a seat, take a chair!

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