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Masseurs / Inge


Location: Alkmaar and surroundings

My name is Inge Berkhout. I am 46 years old, married and live in Alkmaar. My background is Exercise Therapy Cesar.

I work as an Occupational Therapist on the work floor. I give people training and advice about their posture, working methods and workplace design. I also provide therapeutic guidance in the workplace for (severe) physical complaints.

Chair massages fit in beautifully with this. Chair massage works both preventively and curatively. It is a direct route to relaxation, recovery and awareness. Awareness is a common thread in my life. As a remedial therapist, I make people aware of their posture and way of moving.

What do you do with your body and how can you do this in a healthy, relaxed way? I am highly sensitive and developed a training for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) together with a psychologist. I take care of the physical parts: body awareness exercises, active meditations and relaxation exercises. How do you deal with your sensitivity and can you use this quality in our society?

I love developing consciousness through dance, voice liberation, meditation and… massage! Over the years I move more and more from my head (headquarters – thoughts) to my feeling (sensitivity – intuition). I listen better to the wisdom of my body. I’m going to embody myself more and more. Inhabit my body. I would like to help people to get more and more into the body. Let go, lower, relax. Feeling your body. Feel yourself. Being consciously present. My healing hands are happy to help you with that.

It is not possible to book me online. For a chair massage / company massage / event massage, please send an email to

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