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Masseurs / Jack


Location: Den Haag and surroundings

Hi, my name is Jack, and I am excited to be your dedicated Thai Yoga Massage therapist in The Hague. With a sincere passion for healing and wellness, I offer transformative touch to help enhance your overall well-being.

I have been studying the art of Thai Yoga Massage at the prestigious ITM School in Amsterdam since 2020. Through this immersive educational journey, I have gained a solid foundation in this ancient practice, allowing me to provide effective and rejuvenating sessions.

Thai Yoga Massage is a versatile and accessible therapy suitable for adults of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you are an athlete recovering from intense training, an office worker seeking relief from a sedentary lifestyle, or a busy parent in need of relaxation, Thai Yoga Massage can benefit you. It promotes relaxation, improves circulation, and enhances flexibility, bringing a sense of balance to both body and mind.

With my caring approach and personalised attention, I create a serene environment where you can unwind, release tension, and find inner harmony. Each session is tailored to your unique needs and goals, ensuring a rejuvenating experience that addresses your specific concerns.

Let’s embark on a journey towards improved well-being together. Schedule an appointment with me today and discover the transformative power of Thai Yoga Massage.

I am genuinely thrilled to be a part of your wellness journey!


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