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Masseurs / Joost


Location: Haarlem e.o.

Effort and relaxation. A delicate balance that applies to all of us. If an athlete does not prioritize relaxation, injuries occur. If we do not find balance in our daily lives, stress arises. Normal stress helps us, but stress that lasts too long causes mental and physical complaints.

You can manage stress with a strong social network, a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and enough recovery moments.
Moments of rest ensure recovery. One way to recover is a relaxation massage: tensions and muscles are released, blood circulation improves and waste toxins are released.
You get more space in your head, you sleep better and you feel reborn after a massage. A massage therefore reduces stress complaints and increases your energy.
To be honest, even without complaints, a massage is calming and soothing.

Who is Joost? I live in Heemstede, am married and father of two sons. In daily life I value freedom, humor and trust. Freedom gives me room for creativity, humor puts things into perspective and is useful for a smooth contact with others. And trust is the foundation of everything I do. Until 2021 I was hired by companies as a consultant for large projects. Definitely varied and challenging, but along the way my energy that I put into it leaked away. I thought the work had become abstract and was too concerned with resistance and deadlines. A good moment to shift my focus to more variety. Now I work as a coach because I like to guide people forward in the choices in their life and work. I also work three days a week as a social worker and help people in vulnerable positions. And I work as a masseuse. With a relaxation massage at home, you get the maximum benefit: it takes little time, you get personal attention and a professional massage for a competitive price. Of course I will take all things with me, such as a massage table and towels. At companies I give chair massages to employees or to visitors of events. Freedom, humor and trust are also reflected in this work.

In my spare time I often go on long distance walks (up to 20 km) with friends. Enjoy walking around in nature. During these trips we have good conversations and that inspires me enormously. I am also a reader and sports enthusiast, going to art house movies almost weekly (French, Spanish or Scandinavian…usually good). Oh yes, secretly I am also a dreamer and do-gooder. The dreamer dreams of a real long pilgrimage walk or a tour in a van through Europe. The do-gooder tries to live socially and sustainably, at least within my own footprint.

For a massage at home I can be booked via

  • Klassieke massage
  • Ontspanningsmassage
  • Stoelmassage