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Masseurs / Ioannis


Location: Amsterdam

Hi, my name is Ioannis,

each of us is entitled to a good night’s sleep and to enjoy everyday life. As a massage therapist I enjoy it when my treatments allow me to fully relax the body and allow the connection between the spiritual and the physical.
As a dancer I discovered the benefits of massage therapy during a rehabilitation process after a waist injury. After an intensive rehabilitation process, I realized that massage therapy not only helps the body to recover, but is also an important tool to prevent further injuries.
As I continue to work as a performer and choreographer, I believe it is my duty to pass on this deep experience to other people.
I am convinced that each body, individually, is the most valuable instrument of life and the only means of human evolution.
Through my therapies, my goal is to enable the joy of tranquility and total regeneration of the body.
Life is inseparable from movement, and dance, which I’ve been doing for years, has taught me how to deal with exercise.
By practicing massage I have learned how to restore the body to its intended state to enable movement in everyday life.

Ioannis Karounis is a trained practitioner of traditional Chinese massage therapy. He trained under the supervision of the Chinese physician Kiki Zhang at the oriental medicine & shiatsu training center (2010-2011) in Athens.
Later he visited Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand to perfect massages. He is an active member of the study of Long Life of the Vietnamese physician Duong van Suu and has since 2008 completed the 1st, 2nd and 3rd phase of Energy Therapies, Perfection – Spirituality – Meditation (2008-2019) with him. In addition, thanks to his bachelor’s degree in classical and contemporary dance, he has been following courses in classical anatomy since 1994.
As a dancer and dance teacher, Ioannis Karounis applies the Tuina technique in his daily life and discovers in practice the strengths and limits of the dancer-athlete and the effectiveness of this technique for the rapid healing of injuries or chronic pains affecting the body. of today’s man.
Tuina sessions last 60-90 minutes and include back, neck, waist, hands, palms, legs, face and head treatments. All body parts are treated separately, depending on their condition.

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