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Masseurs / Lotty


Location: Nijmegen and surroundings

My name is Lotty and I live in Nijmegen I enjoy working two days a week as a shiatsu masseur/therapist and chair masseur in a shared massage practice and I also work as a (chair) masseur on location.

A nice and dynamic change! During a shiatsu massage you lie on a Japanese futon (a comfortable mattress). The treatment on the futon and the massage chair are given over the clothes. I can work firmly but also gently and nourishing, depending on what is needed and the need. I use various massage techniques so that a massage is always a dynamic whole.

My own background with shiatsu; quite young I unexpectedly came into contact with shiatsu. It made a deep impression on me at the time. I was not feeling well at that time. I had a lot of physical tension, but I wasn’t even aware of it. I especially felt little, was cut off from my body (consciousness) and feeling. And that doesn’t feel good, because you don’t feel ‘life’, it didn’t flow.

I experienced Shiatsu as a soft approach, while it could still be firm. It wasn’t trying to force anything, but it helped me feel myself with just the right amount of pressure. It had, as it were, a conversation with my body, with respect for how I was at that moment. It gave me the peace and space to feel, both physically and emotionally. At the same time, it set a lot in motion. Over a longer period of time with intervals I received several treatments, I always found it special. Not only did I receive a massage for my body, but I felt touched in my whole being. In short, I can say that the shiatsu treatments gave me back myself. Anyway, it helped with that.

Of course, not everyone has to experience shiatsu like I did, it can also just be a wonderfully relaxing, invigorating massage, give you space, help you with a certain physical complaint or relieve pain. However you experience it, I wish everyone this form of massage! Curious about what this can mean for you? Book your massage and come experience it!

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