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Masseurs / Margriet


Location: Wageningen e.o.

My motto is “more energy through rest and relaxation”. Many people don’t get enough rest and relaxation, which is essential to stay afloat in the current time. By using foot reflexology, chair massage and massage for seniors, I help you to find that peace of mind. From rest you can see what can be done differently in your life to feel better, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Foot reflexology is an ancient, natural method of bringing the body back into balance. A gentle massage on the feet and toes leads to deep relaxation. Foot reflexology massage helps the blood circulation in your body, the removal of waste products and stimulates the self-healing capacity of your body.
Foot reflexology can help with many complaints, such as back complaints, menstrual pain, stomach and intestinal complaints, respiratory problems, headaches, migraines, stress, sadness, fatigue, sleeping problems or menopausal complaints.
Foot reflexology also has a preventive effect. For example, people who are facing a burnout, are stressed, are permanently tired or are going through a tough period, can benefit from a foot reflex that provides peace of mind and gives energy.
Some people also like to come just because they enjoy a relaxing foot massage.

Chair massage is a pressure point massage that provides relaxation and helps with complaints, such as back, neck and shoulder complaints, and with symptoms of stress. The massage is given in a specially developed chair where the head, back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands are massaged. The massage reduces stiff muscles, increases vitality, can ensure that you sleep better and gives a pleasantly relaxed feeling.
During the massage you can completely relax and unwind. Afterwards you will feel renewed energy due to the different techniques that are applied.
An advantage of chair massage is that this massage is given over the clothes and no oil is used. It is a massage that is suitable for everyone.

The chair massage is also very suitable for seniors. They benefit greatly from the massage, especially because they are generally touched less and less. Touch is important at any age because it releases the substance oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone. This hormone relaxes your body, reduces feelings of stress and promotes a sense of well-being. It is a very relaxing and accessible massage. For seniors who are less able to walk, I have a special support that can be placed on a table, so that you can sit on a regular chair/stool or even in a wheelchair. It is also possible to only get a massage of the arms and hands, for example if someone is bedridden.
Are you looking for more peace and relaxation? Please feel free to contact me via the link below or via the site

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