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Masseurs / Martin


Location: Varsseveld and surroundings

I was born and raised in the Achterhoek. As a physiotherapist I have worked a lot in top sport and have traveled all over the world for about 20 years. I think massage is a very important and fun part of physiotherapy. Within physiotherapy, however, there is less and less hands-on work, the health insurers are gaining increasing influence and that was a reason for me to take a look at what I really like. And that is giving massage. B

oth therapeutic massage, sports massage and relaxation massage. Getting in touch with young and old, athletes and non-athletes remains fascinating. With massage you can achieve many beautiful things such as remedying a complaint, achieving a bit of relaxation or contributing to good body care.

Boek mij
  • Klassieke massage
  • Ontspanningsmassage
  • Sportmassage
  • Therapeutische massage