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Location: Nijmegen and surroundings

I (Tom) am 35 years old, recently became Dad, live at Ecodorp Zuiderveld and am full of life. You can book me flexibly for massages at home or at your company.

After undergoing a therapeutic process with Shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang treatments, I was so impressed with the results that I couldn’t help but read everything I could find about it. Before I knew it, I was suddenly daily studying the Qi teachings and practicing miraculous meditation techniques. After my training (Shiatsu massage – Qing Bai; Shiatsu chair massage – Handsontao) I started treating professionally in 2021.

My work as a masseur is a journey, full of wonder and inspiration. Usually it feels more like a dance than work. There is room for humor and humour. Depending on what is needed, I massage nourishing and gentle or very deep, for example with the elbow and knees. I use a mix of Eastern techniques, especially Shiatsu and Thai massage. Since 2018 I have been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine – which gives me a holistic view of the body. Although this knowledge does point the way, I mainly let my intuition lead me. Acupressure, meridian work and knot loosening provide the rebalancing of body and mind, usually experienced as deep relaxation during and after a massage. So no tricks. We always look for the right way together. In addition to treatments on the futon, I also treat with a massage chair, effectively combining Shiatsu and classic chair massages. In addition to physical complaints in the upper body, I can also help people with a short chair massage to strengthen their self-healing capacity. This can have a positive effect on sleeping problems and fatigue, and even a cold or mild inflammation. Although it is less often asked of me, I am also a big fan of organ massages, which I apply according to the Chi Nei Tsang teachings. Chi Nei Tsang is, among other things, aimed at releasing tensions in the organs, often the intestines. It brings together ancient knowledge from Taoist masters and massage and can help people experience healing on a deeper emotional or spiritual level. For me this means not only a profession, but above all a way to serve life in the most effective way and let energy flow in its natural way. I strive to remain investigative at all times and deepen my understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and hands-on bodywork. At the moment I am following the training program to become a Shiatsu therapist. In addition, I followed a valuable one-year trajectory to become a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner. I am a member of the BVS, Professional Association for Chair Masseurs.

Tom can currently only be booked as a chair masseur. Chair massages can be booked by email or via the request form under the heading “chair massage”

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