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Masseurs / Andre


Location: Vinkeveen and surroundings

After working in elderly care for more than 25 years, I felt the need to be able to stay with myself more and no longer be consumed by the craziness of the day. By having myself massaged by one of the wonderful masseurs from Masseur aan de Deur during that period, the tension that had built up in my body and therefore also in my head slowly disappeared. I could think more and more clearly again. And thanks to a friend, who thought that I should ‘finally do something with those hands’, I decided to start training as a Sports Masseur at MYOS in Utrecht in 2021. And in May 2022 I obtained my diploma for this. Since then I have enjoyed massaging a diverse group of people from Vinkeveen and the surrounding area.

A massage ensures improved blood circulation in the body, deep relaxation, helps to resolve any built-up tension, is a moment for yourself, ensures that the muscles can recover after exertion, but can also prepare you for, for example, a competition or another performance to be delivered.

By having the masseur come to your home, you can enjoy the massage after the massage and let the massage do its work even more. I like to do my work in a relaxed atmosphere, in a nicely heated room, where you can turn on some music if desired.

In general, it is nice to be quiet during a massage, but I am open to social contact, which can help you relax. Massage is beneficial for everyone, including you!

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  • Klassieke massage
  • Ontspanningsmassage
  • Sportmassage
  • Triggerpoint massage
  • Wellness massage