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Masseurs / Astrid


Location: Nijmegen and surroundings

I became curious about shiatsu because I wanted to change my path after studying Art History. Just not only be busy in an analytic way, but I wanted to work more with the wealth of the body. I wanted to master Eastern medicine, learn a craft in which the body plays a major role and be in direct contact with others. This all comes together for me in shiatsu and a life without it has become unthinkable for me.

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage therapy in which pressure is applied to the energy channels of the body. Shiatsu supports a wide range of physical, mental and emotional complaints, has a deeply relaxing effect, restores your energy balance and can be used preventively to keep body and mind vital. I think it’s a nice fact that via shiatsu you place the client’s complaint(s) in the bigger picture and approach it holistically. You do not view the body and mind as separate, but as a whole. I think this approach is a good entry point on the road to recovery. I like to contribute to making others more aware of this bigger picture, to be able to give deep relaxation, to reduce complaints and to create more body awareness.

Shiatsu is mainly given on a Japanese massage mattress, but on a table or chair is also possible. In the treatment I work on clothes and apply pressure to the energy channels with my thumbs, palms, forearms and knees. In addition, by means of stretches and rotations of the joints, I ensure that there is more space in your body and your energy will flow better again!

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